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Please let me first allow to bring to your perusal that the above said school of art is absolutely rare Original and match less in all respects.

Moreover the credit for the initation of this craftsmanship goes to my forefathers whose real mission in their life was to depict the rich Indian culture and civilization successfully to make the same obviously picturesque and objestively observable .

I know that before coming in to contact with an huble artist like me you were not aware of the annals about the meaningful artist creation. But now at present you are aware of the whole history behind this concerned artistic creation.


Shahpura is a town in Rajasthan state in India before its independence which was formally a Princely state.

As regards The origion of phad painting it was in the year 1629 that Phulia pargana of which present Shahpura had been a part, was allotted to Raja Sujan Singh in consideration of his services rendered to the Emperor ShahJahan. Later on the capital Phulia was shifted to newly settled town named Shahpura in honour of the Emperor ShahJahan. The Joshi family had already initiated and developed this art much earlier to the existence of Shahpura which happened to be one of the Princely States in Rajasthan. Many Bhopas i.e. bards approached my forefathers to make culture concrete by means of this testified device through their melodious songs which is the only means of earning their living. This fact is doubly advantageous both to the bards as well as to myself and my ancestors artistic painter for its wider

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